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My Mac Plus

Macintosh Plus sites

Classic Macs Mailing List
About My Mac Plus
Antiquariato Macintosh (In Italian)
Compact Mac Index
Mac Plus
Macintosh Plus Page
Macintosh Plusでインターネット計画 (How to install a Micromac Performer in a Plus - in Japanese - but with useful images)
Piccolo e bello (In Italian)
A MacHome Top Honors Website
Macintosh Plus Web Server
Macintosh Plus site
Macintosh Plus and Portable site A really useful site with many hardware infos

Welcome to the vMac Application Site!
Macintosh Systems and Applications for Older Mac's
Classic Macintosh Games
Mac Shareware for Black and White Macs
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
Jag's House (how to connect your Classic Mac to the net and some other tip)

Apple Macintosh Plus Memory Upgrade Products
Dear Old Mac Annunci (in Italian - not very often updated)
Micromac upgrade products
The Arc an alternative to SunRemarketing
MacExchange - Mercatino dell'usato (italian and international)

Emulators for PC
vMac - The Virtual Macintosh Emulator Project (a true Mac Plus on a PC, supports from older System to System 7.5 - you need a real Mac Plus to get a copy of the ROMs)

Black and white icons for old Macs
1-bit Web : Home (dedicated to 68000 machines - but in japanese)
Formatting Macintosh SCSI drives
David Wood's list of Classic Macs sites
Simon says "There's a great pile of Acrobat files covering repair, diassembly etc of macs"
Mac Driver Museum
The Mac 512 User Group
Relevant US Robotics Sportster Flash AT-commands for Macintosh

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