My Mac Plus

This is very old software, some is shareware or freeware, some was commercial.
The commercial one is not still sold so, I think, putting it on the net does not cause any business damage.
This don't want to be a warez site, so, if you are the author of one of these applications, write to me and I will remove your software from the site immediately.

Mac Man (132KB) This is the best Pac Man I have ever seen. Drive your Mac Man into the maze and fight against the evil PC-ghosts. (Unable to run under Multifinder)
China Doll (47Kb) Not a real game, not really hot....
Duck Hunt (40Kb) Shoot the birds.
Let's get tanked! (65 Kb) A simple little war: your tank must destroy the enemy one before it would kill you.
Backgammon (40 Kb) The classic game.
Macinooga Trains (306 Kb) Build your own railroad, make your trains running on it and then crash them!

Max Write (44KB) Max Write: "The first COLOR word processor for the Macintosh".
Mouse Write (83KB) English-Hebrew wp.

Cricket Graph (243KB) A nice program for painting.
Data Flow (51KB) Do you need to draw a data flow on your Plus?
Mac Draft (206KB) A good technical drawing program.

These are useful programs for plotting math functions and something more. If you need any help in your studies, check them.
ANU Graph (103KB)
Conformal Mapping (41KB)
Mac Graph (62KB)
Math 2.1 (58KB)
Power Math (144KB)
Worm Stat (50KB)

Media Formatter (88KB) A good formatter application for SCSI devices.
Animation Toolkit (113KB) How to build some simple B/W animations.
Disk First Aid (51KB) A small utility to recover crashed floppies.(italian version)
FEdit 3.05 (64KB) An hex editor for floppy sectors.
HD Backup (35KB) A small backup application, italian version.
Mac Terminal 2.2 (115KB) Terminal application for old Macs.
Tape Labeler (113KB) Cool tape label editor.
Claris Mac Project II (226KB) If you want to organize better your job time.
Lido (311KB) Lido is a good formatter utility
Mount-everything (187KB) This should mount any scsi device (maybe..)
Iomega Zip driver (78KB) Iomega driver to use a zip drive with your Plus
Basic Compiler (713KB) to write, run and compile your basic applications
The Buick cars catalogue (636KB) Really amusing, with nice animations and simple games.
Mac Envy (28KB) Do you want to know everything about your Mac?
Megafiler (97KB) A small db application
Various utilities (486KB) A collection of disk tools and utilities

System 6.08 Mac Plus boot disk file image (839KB)
Disk Copy 4.2 (54KB) A small utility to copy the boot disk image on a real floppy.